Fountain Aeration For Lakes
Fountains are a piece of art that you would find in ponds or even lakes. In some countries, they are used as sources of drinking water in the streets while other countries as a tourist attraction in the likes of Dubai and Paris. The Aeration is used in lakes or pools to increase the oxygen content in either the water bodies. It can be done in a pair of ways one way may be through inserting of the pure oxygen in the water or by mixing the two. The system is the same as a fountain and is located in the middle of the lake. There are several of benefits of having an aeration system on your pond rather than just beautification of the water body. Click  kasco marine for more info.

Although Aeration may not be the solution to all the problems in the water bodies if properly managed by professionals in may help improve some of the challenges such as the water and aquatic habitat. The majority of the habitat depends on oxygen to survive and due to the aeration which enables fusion of oxygen on the water body. Since the oxygen is inserted into the water that plants would have sufficient oxygen that allowing them to grow and the habitat in the water can feed on the plant making the cycle big. There are certain fish that may have difficulties on an oxygen deprived lakes thus the aeration system may become of beneficial for their survival. Look for  pond fountains and pumps today. 

Stratification is one of the other benefits of having an aeration system in lakes. Stratification is the separation of a water body into layers of different temperature. This process is majorly on lakes. Stratification is problematic to the natural resources and fish. An aeration system will enable water rotation in the lake. Thus there will be no layers of different temperatures through air injection in the water. Aeration also helps on the quality of the water in the water body.

Insufficient oxygen in the lake the habitat will be affected mainly the plant. If plants lack oxygen enough, they tend to release certain gasses and metals which will, therefore, have a massive force on the quality of the water. If there is aeration system in the lake, there will be enough oxygen to circulate in the entire water body thus stabilizing the PH and removal of carbon dioxide. So instead of regular treatment in the water body from mosquitoes and the chemicals affecting the habitat aeration could be used instead to curb such. More tips here: